Mt. Princeton in the Fall

October 20, 2017

Kim contacted me 16 days before their wedding, asking if we were available to film on their wedding date. Because their wedding was on a Tuesday, we were able to make it work, and I am so glad that we did! It was so much fun being able to capture Nathan and Kim’s giddiness to be with each other, how excited they were to celebrate with family and friends, and just the overall fun that was had that day. I also have to say, they picked the perfect week to get married at Mt. Princeton! Fall colors, perfect weather…they couldn’t have picked a better day if they tried. Nathan and Kim, thanks for hiring us, and enjoy your highlight video:

Planner: Ericka with Ululani Event Design
Photographer: Majesty Photo
Florist: Tammi with He Loves Me Flowers
Cake: Malissa Clark
Makeup: Captivate – Aleigha Hans
  1. JoAnn Bowman says:

    Absolutely beautiful wedding!
    I love the memories you’ve captured ❤️❤️

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