Tom-O and His Girl

When we first met Justin and Sierra via FaceTime last May, we instantly hit it off. They have such a fun story! They met right before freshman year when they were 14, and they both played soccer, and they both played Goalie! (Sierra was one of only 4 girls on the team).  She thought it was weird that they called him Tom-o, and he took notice of her long braided hair. They were friends all throughout high school, and started dating long distance in college! Their first official real date was seeing the movie “Social Network”.

Sierra’s parents own a cabin in Grand Lake, CO and Justin went to check it out (he covered his tracks by saying that he was golfing). He took Sierra there a week later, and she mentioned a trail to hike via her brothers suggestion (so she totally thought it was her idea, when it was really the plan all along!) After Justin asked Sierra to marry him (she said yes), they had an engagement party at her parents house with family that had flown in! It was perfect.

Their wedding day was filled with love, laughter, dancing, a late night pizza party, and so much more. When their wedding day ended, Pat and I were talking about the events of the day and we both said “today couldn’t have been more perfect!”

Justin and Sierra had such thoughtful gifts for their bridal party, and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with their people before they got to see each other. After the first look, they were glued to each other for pretty much the rest of the day, and it was adorable 🙂

There are so many amazing and gorgeous details that went into their wedding day…you’ll have to see for yourself!

We are SO HAPPY that we got to capture your wedding, Justin and Sierra. Enjoy your highlight video:





Venue: Wedgewood Boulder Creek

Photographer: Jamie Beth Photography

Officiant: Jennifer Nealon with Small Circle Ceremonies

DJ: DJ Maestro 

Florist: Painted Primerose

Hair: Robyn Gray

Makeup: Kelsey ReNae

Cake: Kelly Leigh Cakes 

Also, check out Jamie’s blog with all of the AMAZING photos she captured of their day:

Sierra & Justin: Wedgewood at Boulder Creek Wedding




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