Married On A Mountaintop

Tyler and Shannon met in their freshman year in college, at the University of Colorado Boulder. They lived in the same dorms, had the same major in Integrative Physiology, and were in a lot of the same classes. Everyone else could clearly see there was more than just a friendship between them, but it took them staying close friends all throughout college, and even years after, to realize it themselves. They finally started dating and right away saw how perfect they were for each other.
Tyler surprised Shannon by getting down on one knee at The Broadmoor and popping the question— Shannon immediately said yes 🙂
Shannon and Tyler both love the mountains and skiing, so they knew getting married at the top of Keystone Mountain was perfect for them.
Their wedding day literally could not have been more perfect! If you watch their highlight video, you’ll notice that right as they are being announced as man and wife, a ton of wind came in, and it made for a picture-perfect moment.
Tyler and Shannon, thank you SO MUCH for trusting us to film your wedding day. We hope you love the video as much as we do!


Photographer: Sarah Roshan
Hair/Makeup: Keystone Spa 


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