A Sunny September Day


Mat and Brittany are both from the east coast, but ended up meeting after they had both moved to Colorado! They met online and corresponded for a while via email, then phone, and eventually met in person. By the time they met and went on a first date, they felt like they had already known each other  forever.

Mat got permission from Brittany’s family to ask for her hand in marriage, and once they gave him approval, he couldn’t way any longer and decided to propose right away. After a nice Friday evening out, they came home and Brittany’s dog Daisy came running downstairs with a bow on her that had the ring attached. Mat definitely knows the way to her heart 🙂
Their wedding day was spectacular! It was a gorgeous September day filled with sunshine. Some of my favorite highlights of the day were: Mat high-fiving Brittany’s dad as he gave her away, the special vows they wrote to each other (feat. Mat promising to support Brittany as a Patriot’s fan), Mat shouting for joy once the officiant said, “You may now kiss your bride,” and the flower girl spinning in her dress every chance she got. To see all of these amazing moments + more, check out their highlight video:

Photography: Allison Easterling
Florist: Liese Butler
Hair/Makeup: Brooke and Phoebe

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