From Country Concerts to Colorado Colors


Eric and Leslie met at a country concert the weekend they were graduating from college. Their conversation went a little something like this :
E: What are you studying?
L: Nutrition.
E: How many times per week do you workout?
L: Six.
E: Will you marry me?!
L: Yes!
How perfect is that? The real proposal happened in Breckenridge during Eric’s annual family vacation. They went to take family photos (like normal) and when it came time for Eric and Leslie to do their couple photos, he got down on one knee and Leslie immediately said yes. They got it captured on video, and Eric had even flown in Leslie’s parents and sisters in from California to be there!
The most important part of the wedding day to Eric and Leslie was the ceremony, and after you watch their highlight video you’ll see why. It was extremely sentimental, so incredibly sweet, and a few tears may have been shed 🙂
Some (okay, it was hard to narrow it down to less than MANY!) of my favorite parts of the day were: All of the amazing fall colors, how Leslie’s Grandmother’s sister was on FaceTime the entire ceremony and most of the reception, how Leslie and Eric planted a tree during their ceremony to symbolize the planting of new life, how Leslie handmade all of the place cards/menu/signs, every gorgeous detail in the reception room, and, of course, Leslie crying during the daddy-daughter dance. It was one of the sweetest days ever, and we are so honored to have been able to capture it. Leslie and Eric, enjoy your highlight video:

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