Breaking Into a Castle

December 15, 2018

Jace and Taylor met in kindergarten, and they actually dated for a week in 6th grade.

They went to different colleges, hung out some after Jace’s junior year, and then they didn’t talk for 2 more years. They then met at Top Golf (randomly invited by different friends) and they were only two that showed up on time. They immediately hit it off 🙂

After dating for a while, Jace took Taylor to a 5 star restaurant in Sedalia as a treat for her being in her last semester in nursing school. Taylor wasn’t expecting an engagement cause they had just talked and said it would be another 2-3 years….even though he had the ring picked out when they had that conversation.
They went on a drive and he arranged to drive to Cherokee Ranch Castle…and that’s where the craziness begins! The door they tried to enter through was locked, so Jace tried to bust it open. He was freaking out trying to see where to propose, but then they went to the back door, which happened to be unlocked, (even though there was a “No Trespassing” sign) and she asked “for one good reason” and he said to “trust me”…then just picked her up and carried her to the top of the castle.

Taylor thought they illegally broke into the castle, Jace said, “lets explore,” and they went up the stairs and Taylor saw a rose and a letter with her name. She read the letter and went up to see photos of them together, rose petals, and lanterns. When Taylor turned around, Jace was down on one knee and before he could ask her to marry him she started jumping and saying yes. (How cute is that?)

Their adorable engagement story was one of the many reasons we were excited to film Jace and Taylor’s wedding! It ended up being the perfect day with just enough snow to be gorgeous, but not too much that it prevented anyone from attending the wedding. My favorite parts of the day had to be the mechanical bull at the reception, Jace’s reaction when Taylor walked down the aisle, and their cake-cutting/smashing. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this video!
Jace and Taylor, enjoy your highlight video:


Venue: Spruce Mountain Ranch

Planner: Forever Yours Weddings

Photography: Jamie Beth Photography

DJ: Rob with DJ Function Pro 

Caterer: Picnic Basket

Bar: Peak Beverage

Mechanical Bull: Big Air Jumpers

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