Mac + Kayla

September 13, 2019

Mac and Kayla have known each other since high school. They ran in the same circle, but weren’t very close.  After college, Mac was getting his master’s degree in Denver and they hung out one Thanksgiving weekend when he was in town…from then on, every time Mac came to town he would let Kayla know. Eventually, it led them to a long distance relationship and finally to Mac moving back home to Kayla in Nashville!
Their wedding day was nothing short of amazing. It was filled with a lot of happy tears, sweet moments, and one of the most fun parties I’ve ever seen. If you don’t believe me, just watch their highlight video 🙂
Mac and Kayla, thank you for hiring us to capture your day! Enjoy your highlight video:

Planner: Jennifer Pletcher with Gemini Event Planning 
Band: Tunisia
Hair/Makeup: Weemala 

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