Bobby + Allison

September 28, 2019

When Bobby was about to propose to Allison, he told her that he wanted to treat her to a nice dinner for the long weekend ahead. With no idea, Allison packed a bag of fancy clothes and rode over to Bobby’s before dinner on her new road bike. Before dinner they wanted to get a workout in on Lake Shore Drive. Bobby decided to take Allison on a “new trail” to see an awesome view of the city. 

Once they reached the gorgeous view they took their traditional selfie and, as Allison turned to get back on her bike, Bobby got down on one knee. 

Allison bawled throughout the entire proposal, and when she thought there were no tears left, both families popped out of the bushes at the proposal site and the tears continued to flow. Bobby killed it!

Fast forward to their wedding day, and it was a fun continuation of the party! My favorite parts of the day definitely had to be the party bus, the IU song during the reception and, of course, the fact that they had Chick-Fil-A sandwiches delivered to their reception as a midnight snack. Bobby and Allison, your wedding was so incredible. Thank you for hiring us to capture your super fun day! 

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Planner: Caitlyn with Brindle and Oak
Florist: Sue Kimball
Hair/Makeup: LOLA Denver

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