Michael + Shaelyn

November 13, 2020

Michael and Shaelyn had to reschedule their original wedding date less than a month before it arrived.

One month after their date change, they had to change their wedding date again.

Four months after that, they decided that, for everyone’s safety, they should cancel their wedding altogether.

To say that they have been through a lot during their wedding-planning season would be a massive understatement. While they were still legally married on their planned wedding date, they weren’t able to celebrate with friends or family as planned.

Enter plan B (or C or D)!

Michael and Shaelyn decided to still make a weekend out of it. They rented two side-by-side Airbnbs so they could get a few friends and family together for a weekend celebration. They were able to share their personalized vows with each other, Michael was able to see Shaelyn in her beautiful wedding dress, and they were both able to have a great time with their closest friends and family! It was such a perfect day.

Michael and Shaelyn, I’m so sorry that your wedding day didn’t go as originally planned, but I’m very happy that you were still able to make it an amazing day and that I could help document it! Enjoy your highlight video:

Photography: Hannah Lane Photography

Videography: Bosha Video

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