When I come to film your family, you shouldn't be focused on everything being perfect. You should just be having a good time hanging out with your family and forget the camera is even there. I want you to have fun and actually enjoy the video shootIt's my job to notice all of the special moments that happen throughout the day. That way, when your family sits back and watches your family video, you are brought back to that stage in life. 
I can't wait to meet you and your family and to plan a fun day together. 

My job is the best. 
I get to capture families living their everyday, ordinary lives. But I know that it's so much more than that. I get to capture stages in life that may slip through the cracks and be forgotten about.  
So yeah, I'm pretty lucky. 
I don't want to just show up and film staged scenarios—I want to capture real life, as it actually happens. What if your 5-year-old runs through a mud puddle and gets dirty? Awesome. Or if your 2-year-old spills his apple juice everywhere? Even better. Those are the kind of moments that are a part of everyday life, and I want to capture that. 


- 1 videographer
- Up to 2 hours of time
- 3-5 minute video 
Total: $500